To Be Happy


You can relieve the stress of the day in your private pool and enjoy the sun on your sun sunbed.…

You can have a pleasant time while taking care of your flowers in your large garden…You can enjoy your time with your loved ones in the barbecue area…

Numerous privileges for a social life…

The privilege of arranging meetings and catching a peaceful working environment by feeling the warmth of your home, without leaving home, in the office room of your home, or in the lounge in the common living area…

Countless Privileges

You can do sports with your family in the gym and take a walk through the trees on the walking paths.

We have designed the most ideal living space for your children to be safe…

the children play safely in the playground, you can sip your coffee in the lounge area, watch your children through the glass walls of the lounge area, and have a good time.

Alternatively using smart home system, you can monitor them from your mobile phone at home, while sitting.

For You to Sleep Peacefully

We designed VillaMonte to be protected 24 hours a day…

We also thought about your vehicles, there will be a parking area for 2 cars in front of each villa. You can enter your home as you get out of your vehicle, without saying rain or mud.

VillaMonte is one of the safest living complex in Montenegro which is surrounded by security walls, controlled access from a single main gate and fully protected by having 24-hour camera surrvilliance

You can do your shopping from the chain markets right next to you…

Enjoy Horse Riding

If you are interested in horse riding, you can stop by the farm , 10 minutes away and spend time…

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